Why did Pooja Bhatt hate Salman Khan? 


Why did Pooja Bhatt hate Salman Khan? 

Pooja Bhatt and Salman Khan almost started their film careers together. Pooja Bhatt made her Bollywood debut in 1989 and Salman entered in 1988. Pooja Bhatt and Salman Khan gave many hits in their career. Do you know why? Pooja Bhatt may be on good terms with Salman Khan and his family today, but once Pooja Bhatt hated Salman. One of the reasons for this is Sohail Khan, who was dating Pooja Bhatt.

Salman Khan and Pooja Bhatt

What’s the whole point? Why did Pooja Bhatt hate Salman? And why did the Khan family refuse to accept Sohail Khan as their daughter-in-law? In Navbharat Times Online’s Tuesday Tadka series, we are going to tell you the story of this feud between Pooja Bhatt and Salman and their affair and breakup with Sohail Khan.

Pooja Bhatt had a lot of fandom in the 90s. As much as she is in a discussion about her movies, her personal life is also in the headlines. From Ranveer Shorey to Sohail Khan, there was a lot of talk about Pooja Bhatt’s affair. Sohail Khan might be married to the love of his life Seema Sajdeh, but the truth is that he was in love with Pooja Bhatt. Pooja Bhatt had said in an interview many years ago that she and Sohail Khan were getting married and were planning a future together.

In an interview with ‘Stardust’, Pooja Bhatt said about her relationship and marriage with Sohail, ‘There are many people who put a time limit on our relationship. But I don’t want to waste my time responding to it. I want to get married now Sohail is eager to start his career as a director. I want to work for two more years before settling down. We see our future together. I want marriage too and that too. Pooja Bhatt and Salman Khan dating.

In one of the interviews, Actress Pooja Bhatt praised the Khan’s family. Pooja said that everyone loves and respects her a lot. She was like his family. Pooja said that I like Sohail’s father very much. I met Arbaaz recently and she liked it a lot. Alvira is also very nice. I agree that I and Salman Khan used to hate each other. There were some strange reasons, which gave the name of our quarrel. Maybe it was our fight or some other reason for not doing a movie together. But today everything is fine.



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