Unstoppable with NBK Promo: Nara Lokesh romantic personal photos in front of Chandrababu.


Unstoppable with NBK Promo: Nara Lokesh romantic personal photos in front of Chandrababu. Balayya played the bad guy in the show.

Unstoppable with NBK Promo: So everyone knows that Nandamuri Balakrishna’s non-stop show clicked. Another side of Balayya has been revealed to the public. This increased everyone’s love for Balayya. Balayya’s mischief, cunning, mischief is shown. The second season was planned on a grand scale as the first season was a blockbuster. Unstoppable with NBK Promo.

Unstoppable with NBK Promo

That is why the first episode of the second season is planned in a grand manner. For this first episode he brought his brother-in-law Chandrababu and son-in-law Nara Lokesh. The released promo is now going viral everywhere. Unstoppable with NBK Promo.

I thought about bringing my relative for the first episode.. But it is better to bring Jana Bandhu.. Babu to all of you. Balayya gave a touching introduction about Chandrababu as my brother-in-law.

Balayya jokingly said that there are two families.. Babu picked up the phone saying that he will call Vasundhara. Some serious elements are also included in this fun promo. Incidents of back pain are also mentioned. Unstoppable with NBK Promo.

He made a big decision in 95, was it the wrong decision? Babu directly asked Balayya. Babu recalled the events of that day. Babu said that YSR was his best friend. Babu remembers his days that if we did pranks in movies, we did it in colleges.

The promo was even more fun with Nara Lokesh’s entry. Nara Lokesh Balayya and Chandrababu asked questions. For some time the hosts Lokesh Babu and Balayya tried to hide their personal matters. Lokesh asked personal questions about who is more afraid of the wife at home.. who does the cooking.

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