The Ghost Movie Review: Nagarjuna’s Horror thriller movie


The Ghost Movie Review: Nagarjuna’s Horror thriller movie

The Ghost Movie Review: Another cop story with Nagarjuna in the lead is Wild Dog and Officer. Both are doing super at the box office. Even so, he has now come forward through the genre of Ghost, to identify with the audience as revenge and hit cop. As it comes in the Dussehra season, there are chances that the audience will enter the theater wondering if this is Nagarjuna’s movie. Let’s see how things go.

You can tell just by looking at how the rice is cooked. The first scene in this is the eastern Arabian desert region. Some terrorists carry weapons in trucks. Like a lightning strike, Nagarjuna and Sonal Chauhan get up from Isak and shoot everyone dead. Standing in the middle of the corpses, the two lock lips and pucker their lips.

That is the situation. And after a while, another action episode of rescuing a seven-year-old boy in Kidna. Immediately, this time it’s not a kiss…sentiment. Then Nagarjuna who was put to sleep..the heroine woke up…after waking up again another action scene…! Having said that, the story is a bit fragmented in the middle of the action scenes. But the story is never touched. This is forced bathing.

Nagarjuna’s character is stranded in strict uproars at an early age. A military officer takes her home and raises her as his own daughter. When she grows up, she gets married against her father’s wishes and gives birth to a daughter. Besides, he heads the Nair Group of Companies. She has enemies in the company. Our hero must save her and her daughter from them. So Ghost AVT means Mafia Dance introduces our hero as Ghost.

Ghost is a poorly run rabble-rouser with a simplistic story and flavorless narrative. It should be known what Nagarjuna liked about it. Where are audience expectations in changing times? As if the minimum calculation of which movie is being made is not taken into account.

If you want to watch KGF if you put action scenes one after the other, there is no other miss standing than that. If you think so, you should take it at that level.

But, no movie impresses if there is no emotion, gripping hero characterization, strong back story, strong villain, huge conflict, signature background score in the story, needless to say to a senior leader like Nagarjuna. Moreover, the movie has been released in some centers on its own and demanded to be released in Hindi as well.

The actors’ work is normal. Nothing more to say. Sonal Chauhan has captured the elegance of the town in the song. All that remains is her action. Gul Panag is ok. Anaika plays the role of his daughter. Srikanth Iyengar is a minor character. Ravi Varma is okay.

The less said about the music the better. Neither the songs nor the background is catchy. If you look at the makeup of the villains, they look like Dasaravagara according to the season. Nagarjuna looks fit and takes a gander at least ten to fifteen years more youthful than his real age. There is nothing surprising about acting.

It can’t be expressed that there is just a single significantly less of this film. Mainly stories and articles can be highlighted. It must be said that Praveen Sattar has lost as a writer and director. In terms of cop stories, Nagarjuna’s previous film “Wild Dog ” seems to be much better. It has a familiar plot and a real-life background. But in this fable, the viewer has nothing to do, and the feeling of déjà vu, like seeing something somewhere, creates fear.

The main plot should give some clarity to the audience while telling the story. A major drop in the story is that he enters as an Interpol cop, who on the one hand stops large international terrorist gangs and gradually comes to the point of saving a woman and her daughter from the machinations of the company. It’s understandable how unconvincingly the story is written to make the average viewer feel the need for Annecy’s murderous plans to take over the company in a conspiratorial manner.

That is not possible but if this movie is liked by the audience then there is a solution for it. Otherwise, there is a chance for Nagarjuna and the team to make another foray with another cop film.



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