Surrogacy mother: Do you know what the actress did to save her beauty?


The actress took shelter of her surrogate mother to save her beauty

Surrogacy mother: Most of the actresses in the film industry are giving a lot of importance to their beauty. Rarely some actresses get married and have children at the right age and have a family, but some actresses give importance to beauty.

surrogacy mother

One such real incident has just happened. The actress who is flying the flag in the film industry recently got married. Later she went on honeymoon with her husband. All the photos taken later created a storm on social media.

This time, the actress suddenly burst out a new bomb that she is a mother of two children. While this issue is under discussion, there is a discussion in the film industry that the actress has a child through a surrogate mother.

Such news had already spread in the media. Now to make it happen, the actress has released photos of her two sons. It is said that there is a reason behind the actress taking such a decision.

The actress who earns crores by acting in movies has planned to add property while there is a market for her. That is why many people are talking that he has taken such a decision.

And the actress is forced into such a situation due to the side effects of the drugs taken to lose weight. It is heard in the film industry that she got a child through a surrogate mother even when the treatment was not effective.


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