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Overlord began its serialization online 2010, after which it was acquired for publication. The series has been adapted into an anime, starting in 2015. The adaptations include an ONA series, one OVA episode and a two-part anime movie. As of April 2021, three seasons of the Overlord anime have aired. But what about the Overlord Season 4? When will it come?

Overlord Season 4 Officially Confirmed + Release Date Info

Overlord season four is officially confirmed, as well as a new Overlord movie. Unfortunately, the release date for the movie has still not been confirmed, but we do know that season four is going to debut in July 2022, as confirmed in March 2022. The exact date has yet to be revealed, but the season is scheduled for a July 2022 premiere.

In this article, we are going to inform you about the fourth season of the Overlord anime series. Not much is known about the series, but we are going to provide you with all the information we have about the fourth season, the fourth season’s plot, trailer, and the cast and crew. Definitely keep reading if you want to know everything about Overlord season four.

Overlord Season 4 Gets an Official Release Date

Madhouse recently confirmed that Season 4 of Overlord would begin in July 2022. So, the countdown for the next season has started, and we are only a couple of months away from getting the new episodes.

Interestingly, the Japanese animation studio gave new release date information with the second PV trailer for Overlord Season 4. Compared to the first trailer, this one gives us a better look at the new season.

We can see all the main characters in the trailer, along with some powerful fighting sequences. In short, the trailer is more than enough to get us thrilled for the anime’s return. Here you go; take a look at the new PV yourself:

How Many Volumes Of Overlord Are There?

As of March 2022, there have been 14 volumes published of the Overlord light novel series in Japan.

There is also an Overlord manga. The manga currently has 16 volumes released.

I highly recommend checking out all the Overlord books if you are a fan of the Overlord series.

Is The Overlord Light Novel Finished?

The Overlord light novel series is still ongoing in 2022, but the end is not far away. According to the author, the Overlord series will end with volume 17.

Kugane Maruyama, the author, published the latest volume 14 in Japan on March 12, 2020.

There were no new volumes released in 2021. Also, the Overlord light novel volume 15 release date is June 30, 2022.

Which Volumes Will Season 4 Cover?

Overlord season 4 will cover light novel volumes 10, 11, and end on volume 12. The fourth season will cover three light novel volumes. The new movie should adapt volume 13.

Each season of the Overlord anime adapted three volumes. The first season did volumes 1 to 3, the second one did 4 to 6, and the third one did volumes 7 to 9.

So, if you want to continue the story from where the third season ended, have a look at Overlord Light Novel Volume 10 in English.

How Many Episodes Will Overlord Season 4 Have?

Overlord Season 4 will have 13 episodes. The same number of episodes as the previous three seasons had.

That is more than enough episodes to adapt three light novel volumes.

Also, Overlord will have five seasons in total. So, after the fourth season, you can expect an Overlord season 5.

I highly recommend checking out the Overlord Light Novels. It will take the anime around three more years to adapt all of the Overlord light novel volumes.

The release date was confirmed much later, via another PV trailer released in March 2022. It was confirmed that Overlord Season 4 would be premiering in July 2022, as you can see for yourselves:

Overlord is not like One Piece or Detective Conan, which has a full-season weekly schedule and that is why it is perfectly normal that we have breaks between seasons, as we did between seasons one and two.

What is the plot of Overlord season 4?

Now, seeing how the first three seasons adapted three volumes of the light novel series each, we assume that season four is going to function in the same way. This is a list of the currently released volumes:

No. Title Release date
1 Overlord 1: The Undead King
Ōbārōdo 1: Fushisha no Ō
(オーバーロード1 不死者の王)
July 30, 2012
2 Overlord 2: The Dark Warrior
Ōbārōdo 2: Shikkoku no Senshi
(オーバーロード2 漆黒の戦士)
November 30, 2012
3 Overlord 3: The Bloody Valkyrie
Ōbārōdo 3: Senketsu no Ikusa Otome
(オーバーロード3 鮮血の戦乙女)
March 30, 2013
4 Overlord 4: The Lizard Man Heroes
Ōbārōdo 4: Rizādoman no Yūsha-tachi
(オーバーロード4 蜥蜴人の勇者たち)
July 31, 2013
5 Overlord 5: The Men of the Kingdom (Part 1)
Ōbārōdo 5: Ōkoku no Otoko-tachi (Jō)
(オーバーロード5 王国の漢たち [上])
December 28, 2013
6 Overlord 6: The Men of the Kingdom (Part 2)
Ōbārōdo 6: Ōkoku no Otoko-tachi (Ge)
(オーバーロード6 王国の漢たち [下])
January 31, 2014
7 Overlord 7: The Invaders of the Large Tomb
Ōbārōdo 7: Daifunbo no Shinnyūsha
(オーバーロード7 大墳墓の侵入者)
August 30, 2014
8 Overlord 8: The Two Leaders
Ōbārōdo 8: Futari no Shidōsha
(オーバーロード8 二人の指導者)
December 26, 2014
9 Overlord 9: The Magic Caster of Destroy
Ōbārōdo 9: Hagun no Mahō Eishōsha
(オーバーロード9 破軍の魔法詠唱者)
June 29, 2015
10 Overlord 10: The Ruler of Conspiracy
Ōbārōdo 10: Bōryaku no Tōchisha
(オーバーロード10 謀略の統治者)
May 30, 2016
11 Overlord 11: The Craftsman of Dwarf
Ōbārōdo 11: Yama Kobito no Kōshō
(オーバーロード11 山小人の工匠)
September 30, 2016
12 Overlord 12: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom (Part 1)
Ōbārōdo 12: Sei Ōkoku no Sei Kishi (Jō)
(オーバーロード12 聖王国の聖騎士 [上])
September 30, 2017
13 Overlord 13: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom (Part 2)
Ōbārōdo 13: Sei Ōkoku no Sei Kishi (Ge)
(オーバーロード13 聖王国の聖騎士 [下])
April 27, 2018
14 Overlord 14: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom
Ōbārōdo 14: Mekkoku no Majo
(オーバーロード14 滅国の魔女)
March 12, 2020

Now, if we’re judging by the previous seasons, season four should be adapting volumes ten, eleven and twelve of the light novel series, effectively concluding with the first part of “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” arc. But! Seeing how the production was delayed due to the pandemic and how volumes 12 and 13 form one narrative arc (but are split into two parts), there is a possibility that season four – when it comes out – might adapt both parts of “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” arc.

This would mean that season four could possibly have more than thirteen episodes, but since we don’t have any official information, this is just mere speculation. We shall have to wait and see how it develops.


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