Legacies Season 4 Episode 17 review


We sadly did not see Jed this week, so his relationship with Ben wasn’t mended. I fear reconciliation between the two will only come in the finale before Ben sacrifices himself to kill Ken. Though that is merely a theory.

Legacies Season 4 Episode 17 review

I’d prefer that Ben atone for his sins by helping the Salvatore School win the battle minus the dying part, so he and Jed could run off together and be happy.

Alaric’s decision to release Ben from his cell was a milestone in his personal journey to being a better man for his students and daughters. He gave Ben the benefit of the doubt. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite him.

It was gladdening to hear Alaric admit he likes this version of himself, Alaric 2.0, who isn’t as cynical and jaded. Sometimes I forget how long we’ve known Alaric, how much he has endured.

Did Alaric’s kin stay on her path to bettering herself, too? Yes! Lizzie once again impressed me with her commitment to owning and apologizing for her mistakes.

Starting Of the Story Legacies Season 4

It feels like eons have passed since we’ve had a tender MG-Lizzie scene. MG has always seen the best in Lizzie, even when Lizzie showed him her worst.

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I went back and forth for a while as to whether or not Lizzie deserved MG after overlooking him for so long, but I believe she’s changed enough to be worthy of him, for them to be worthy of each other.

Part of me wonders if Lizzie guessed what MG was hiding, given how persistent she was in getting to the bottom of his “anger.”

Being interrupted by a frothing science experiment signifying Ethan’s impending demise was not how I pictured their conversation ending, but we all know how Lizzie would have responded. Those two have been waiting to declare their love to one another for months.

Besides, did you catch that lovestruck look in Lizzie’s eye? I’m surprised angels didn’t start singing, accompanied by a heavenly burst of light.

Do you know who else had that certain look in her eye? Miss easily manipulated Aurora.

I have never laughed more while watching this show than during this week’s Ken-Aurora scenes. I don’t know what fantasy erotica they stepped out of, but they had me roaring!

Since we were not privy to the history Ken showed Aurora — by hoisting her up and pressing their faces together because how else would you let someone into your mind — I’m not sold on Ken’s innocence.

Ken’s emotionless eyes and monotone voice are not characteristic of someone with a pure heart. He is a textbook manipulator, using his “charm,” status, and a fake sob story to persuade Aurora to join his cause. Aurora is prey, nothing more.

When Ken said all that remained to seal their reunion was …  I thought, don’t say “kiss,” don’t say “kiss,” and what did he do? He said “kiss,” and they did, passionately.

That love story will not end well.

End Of the Story Legacies Season 4

In my opinion, Handon is endgame, or so I thought, but this episode yanked the pair and my heartstrings in countless directions.

When Hope and Landon hugged and bantered again, it felt so natural, the puzzle pieces falling back into place. Hope looked at ease, stress dissipating (for a bit).

I thought I was tired of their relationship until their Limbo reunion. I forgot how palpable their chemistry is, how well they fit.

Hope and Landon are different people than they were when they were last together. Landon missed Hope’s dark phase, and Hope missed Landon’s team-up with the Necromancer and stint as Limbo’s therapist.

No matter how they have changed or what they have done, they are on each other’s sides, which Landon reiterated, but that doesn’t translate in the same way for each of them. For Hope, being on Landon’s side means fighting for their relationship, no matter the cost. For Landon, it means letting it go. Or does it?

At the end of the episode, we learned that Landon doesn’t want to let go of Hope and that he made a deal with the Ferryman. If only Landon weren’t contractually obligated to remain in Limbo for all eternity, am I right?

Landon deserves better!


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