Godfather Movie Review: Salman Khan and Chiranjeevi’s GodFather took very low rating


Godfather Movie Review: Salman Khan and Chiranjeevi’s GodFather took very low rating

Godfather Movie Review: Expectations about the film are high as Malayalam super hit “Lucifer” in Telugu stars Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan in lead roles. Although the songs were big, the release of Thar Maar Takkar Maar did not create records, but the film caught the attention of the audience.

Chiranjeevi movie means dance and fights. There are levindu fights and dances. This is the first Chiranjeevi movie without a real heroine. Although it is a remake of Lucifer in name, many changes have been made.

The Lucifer movie has nothing to say to those who have not watched it. But for those who saw it, the daughter-in-law’s role has changed. In it the role of Seem son is completely lifted. Perhaps given that role, he can be compared to Pawan Kalyan’s role. Not even a moving song can be heard in the prisons where the Roma are singing. Having said that, there will be many changes. Whatever happens, it’s like a tailor-made story for Chiranjeevi fans.

Some scenes are very funny. The scene where Murali Sharma, a state activist who wants to become the state’s home minister and chief minister, meets a drug mafia gang in Mumbai is like a third-rate movie.

Also, Chiranjeevi changed by telling a small scene of Puri Jagannath in the jail which is silly. Leaving aside the comparison with Lucifer, if we discuss this film, Chiranjeevi looks poised throughout and looks his age. But nominal dancing is not expected from them. Thara Maar Takkar Maar, which comes at the end, does not take a single step. On top of that Prabhudeva’s choreography. Considering Chiranjeevi’s age, it is only natural that his fans would expect him to at least step shoeless in Khaidi 150. It is mostly uncultivated grassland. In that regard, it is utterly disappointing. The original Tar Maar song was kept without any purpose.

Technically speaking, it’s music week. Except for one song, “Najabhajajajara”, nothing is catchy. Finally, the item song was wasted. Commercially, item songs like “Oo Antawa” are used to sustain films. But it is surprising that the opportunity was missed. Also, the background score is not good. Just average and routine.

The lyrics of the songs in this movie are also very common. It doesn’t matter if the conversations are not sparkling. The writer tried to remind Chiranjeevi’s earlier films with lines like “me gang leader”, “na pranam kharidento..”.

The changes made to the original are not great, but the ones that were removed seem better. The level of the original script should have been increased by sitting together and rehearsing. Chiranjeevi doesn’t need a heroine. But at least the political scenes should have been managed more carefully and intelligently. It is despicable that the whole drama is being conducted with the intention of buying only 40 MLAs.

When it comes to actors, Murali Sharma has done method acting. He tried to look attractive with strange body language. Sayajishinde has appeared after many years. She did justice to the role of Samudrakhani in Malayalam Matrika. I don’t know how many people remember Sarvadhaman Banerjee, the hero of “Sirivennela”, who played the role of Seem. Shafidi has been seen on the silver screen for a long time. It is sad that Sunil appeared as a top comedian and appeared in a small role of no importance.

Nayanthara has a serious role. There’s not much room to make a difference other than shedding tears. Satyadev has done justice to himself as a villain. But Chiranjeevi’s image could not be shown as a villain. Vivek Oberoi looks more brutal in the original.

Salman Khan is a banana in the game. Among the changes made to Lucifer, many felt that the length of the character played by Prithviraj could also be increased. But it didn’t happen.

Mainly Chiranjeevi looked handsome and sharp. He acted very balanced and composed without any overaction. But the fans who are used to comedy and dance in his films do not know how to react to the lack of these. I mean, even if you say how the movie is, Chiranjeevi’s movie is not great.

Although it seems good till the interval, when it comes to the second half, the story gradually turns into a commercial format and feels routine. Even if Salman Khan comes on screen and speaks Telugu dialogues, the heart does not clap.. Only if you see it like that.

Movie: GodFather

Cast: Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan,Poori Jagannath, Nayanatara, Satyadev

User Rating: 2.7/5

IMDb Rating: 3/5




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