Anushka Shatty Fida on ‘Kantara’ after watching, the actress went crazy about Rishabh’s acting.


Anushka Shatty Fida on ‘Kantara’ after watching, the actress went crazy about Rishabh’s acting.

Anushka Shatty on Kantara: Nowadays the magic of small-budget films in the South is seen in theaters. After the legendary film ‘Kartikeya 2’ which opened earlier, now another low-budget adventure film is succeeding in creating magic in the masses. We are talking about the recently released movie ‘Kantara‘.

Anushka Shetty on Kantara

The excitement of this action-packed film is rising not only among the common people but also the big personalities of the cinema world, who are constantly appealing to the audience to go to the theaters and watch the movie.

Hombale Films’ action thriller ‘Kantara’ has been impressing people by setting examples of its success ever since its release. While the film has garnered immense love from audiences and critics, it has also made its way into the hearts of popular celebrities across the country. Earlier, many dignitaries including Dhanush, Anil Kumble, Prabhas, and Prashant Neil have expressed their appreciation for the film, now Anushka Shetty has also expressed her appreciation for the film through social media.

After making a splash at the domestic box office, Rishabh Shetty’s Kantara is now doing well in Hindi and other languages ​​as well. The Kannada language film ‘Kantara’ has also been released in Tamil and Telugu along with a Hindi dubbed version. This is another regional language film creating waves in Uttar Pradesh.

The film is doing great collections in Hindi as well and the earnings are expected to increase in the coming days. Recently Bollywood films Code Name Tiranga and Doctor Zee have also been released but compared to both of them, the jungle thriller Kantara is getting a better response from the audience.


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