Ajay Devgan will be seen again with Tabu through Bholla


Ajay Devgan will be seen again with Tabu through Bholla

Ajay Devgan is currently busy with Bholla, the Hindi remake of South Kaithi. He is wrapping up the last schedule of the film in Mumbai. Sources related to the film said that Ajay Devgn will complete it in the next seven to eight days.

Bholla dance will be shot in Mumbai. A major portion of the film was shot at Ramoji Studios in Hyderabad and on the outskirts of that city. Because Ajay Devgan is playing the role of a prisoner in this. A prisoner helps a policeman injured by a group of city’s dreaded goons. The prisoner is also skilled in driving a lorry. Meanwhile, the sequence where hundreds of goons are chasing the lorry was shot in forest areas.

Ajay Devgan

Of course, Ajay Devgan’s nephew Danish Gandhi is helping him. Wants to test his luck as a director next. Ajay Devgan has four films lined up till the middle of next year. They are ThankGod, Drishyam 2 and Maidan. Bholla date will be decided in view of their release. But, if sources on the set are to be believed, the director of this film is Ajay Devgan himself.

Being technically adept himself and delivering some very different scenes, Ajay Devgn captured those scenes in 8 setups with his cinematographer Aseem Bajaj. By the way, shooting with a multiple camera setup has its own advantages. Its advantage is that it is easy to set continuity in the sequence of action. Editing section is easy. Without a multiple camera setup, two different shots would have to be taken twice. Because of this, the continuity of the shots taken will not match each other.

Sources said that this film also belongs to Ajay Devgn’s banner. Like Runway 34, it will be high budget. Its budget will also be 80 to 100 crores. That’s because Ajay Devgan will also be doing a lot of VFX in this, which will improve it visually. Also, this is an action genre movie. Filming it requires a lot of technical equipment. The daily cost of the upcoming accessories is Rs 13 to 15 lakhs. Leave aside the cost of other components and technical materials. Various scenes are being shot with dozens of equipment including cameras, jimmy zips, dirt bikes, and tracking cars.

There are many changes in this remake compared to the original Kaithi. For example, male actor Narain played the role of a police officer in the original film. Narine gained a lot of popularity with that role. Tabu has been given that role in the remake. By the way, he will also be seen as a police officer in this film along with Drishyam 2. Deepak Dobriyal has been given the role of the villain. In recent years, Deepak Dobriyal was seen playing a hardcore villain in Dabangg.



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